Results of the skype meeting held january 21st, 2007

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  • 03/10/2011 at 10:29
  • to put the last version of Susan ‘s rules on our web site

    to keep in touch with Joke van den Boer to be Neww representative in Netherland

    to move our board meeting in Mauritania from February to April 12 to 17th, allowing good airfares and visas

    to prepare following Maria Teresa model, printed documents

    to contact Liliana in Argentina to possibly organize the Forum during the autumn in Buenos Aires

    to have our next Skype call Monday Feb. 26th.

    Any ideas are welcome ,and it has to be shared with your members in your association like I will do next week with the FCE committee

    We will also ask for FCE to remove the link with FCEM

    I will keep contact with Andrina Lever for Canada as her group is interested

    And of course we keep in touch with Bryan wishing Arline to come back with us…



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